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Your wedding day will be a blur and your five hour reception will feel like 45 minutes. Having memories of the live action and sounds of your day allows you to accurately remember the special moments, and the fun times just before and after. When you watch your video you will not only re-live the memories you have, but you will be able to experience the moments you never got to see. Our job is to document your day, to be enjoyed... forever.


Your wedding day story is best told through video. As professional storytellers with a journalistic and unintrusive stylewe know how to tell your story completely and artistically so you will have a video that is not only entertaining but one that is also fun to watch. Preserving your memories through live action with the real accompanying sounds creates a way for you to re-live your special day all over again. Your wedding video will transport you back to your wedding day when you hear the shakiness in your voices as you exchange vows while wiping a tear from your cheek, when you listen to the crowd cheer as you enter the reception while fist pumping to a special song, and when you hear the heartfelt toast by your closest friend followed by the clinking of over one hundred glasses. Your memories will be forever captured to be viewed and heard for generations to come.

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Your wedding day is edited into two different types of videos. Your "Hollywood" length video represents the live action and sounds of your day, artistically designed, and complete with a scene selction. Your "highlight" video is a 10-12 minute film that represents a synopsis of your day's events and is edited with background music and artistic effects.

Your guests can be entertained on your wedding day with two different video presentations. These presentations tell different stories and enhance your wedding day by adding an audio and video component to your reception that will be remembered by all. On a TV slideshow in a quieter area of the reception, tell the story from "birth to marriage" through 100 photos and 5 of your favorite songs. You may want wow your guests on a big screen during dinner, with a back and forth love story film modeled after "A Wedding Story" on TLC. Whichever presentation you decide on for your special day, your guests will enjoy the added level of entertainment.

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This video will be enjoyed by your friends and family as they relive your special day, from beginning to end, in just 10-12 minutes. You choose the music that your Trailer Video is set to and your video is edited with care using modern editing techniques. This crowd favorite is a great way to enjoy your entire wedding day without carving 2 hours out of your busy schedule. 

Please watch the sample video below and see what  the different a shortened trailer can make.


Entertain your friends and family at your wedding reception with your Dating Slideshow. Displayed during the cocktail hour and reception on a 26" TV, this 75 image slideshow is tastefully designed with customized background music and showcases all of the special moments  the happy couple have shared leading up to the wedding day. This video is 10 minutes in length and a fun addition to your wedding day.


Relive the fun and even silly moments with your very own Bloopers Reel. You choose the clips to showcase and then get to watch all of your fun moments, accidental mishaps, and crazy antics that took place at your wedding. This video is proof that although a wedding is a special day, do not take it too seriously and make sure to enjoy the funnest moments all in one short 2-3 minute video.


Just like on TLC, your Wedding Story will be told by the happy couple. The both of you will tell your story and those stories will be blended together through creative editing. This intertwining story will be enhanced with some fun together footage taken at a local park. The option is yours if you would like to show your Wedding Story on a ten foot screen and wow your guests during dinner.

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