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Our journalistic style means that we will be capturing your day naturally. You are free to enjoy your wedding the way you have always dreamed as we stand back and capture your memories from a distance with the "fly-on-the-wall" approach. Outside of posed formal photos, we do not pose you unnecessarily. We do not disturb you during the live action of your ceremony and reception. While your guests are enjoying the day, we do not interrupt them to pose them in groups or to have them stop dancing to take a photo or to record them looking at the camera. Today's modern couple deserves to have the perfect day free from distraction caused by your photographer and videographer.


Our shooting style is "journalistic"

When hiring a wedding photographer and videographer, the most important thing to remember is that all day, you will be working with them intimately. It is important to make sure that the professionals you are working with have a shooting style that meets your expectations. Afterall, even if you may like the work and pricing of a company, if you do not like how they interact with you on the day of your wedding, you will regret your choice. We are proud to say that we work hard at making sure our style on the day of your wedding meets the expectations of you, the modern couple.



Your wedding day will be filled with amazing moments. Whether we take photos of you putting on your jewelry or record your vows with perfect audio, your special moments will be captured and enjoyed by all. Re-live your wedding day and remember all the fun with the stories that your photos and videos tell.


The planning of the details of your special day will take quite a bit of effort. Having close up photos of your bouquet and shoes and a recording of what your fully setup guest tables look like, will ensure that all your hard work making your wedding day perfect, is captured. You will remember the details... forever.


Every couple chooses their preparation, ceremony, and reception locations for a number of specific reasons. Having an outside photo of your reception venue from the street or watching a video overview of your reception from a far corner, allows you to remember the environment that you worked so hard to create.

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