Are your memories stuck on old videotapes?

Convert them to DVD today!!!!

Below is a list of the tapes that we can convert to DVD.
VHS                  S-VHS                   VHS-C
8mm Tape          Hi-8 Tape          Digital 8 Tape
Mini-DV            Mini-HDV           Full-Sized DV
       BetaMax            BetaCam       Professional Beta  
                   Pal                   SECAM               Polavision              

Converting your videotapes is as easy as 1..2..3..

Step 1 - Gather your videotapes                                 
Step 2 - Drop off your memories to Visions Forever
Step 3 - Pickup the final customized product            

It's that easy to reclaim your memories...Forever!!!

Each videotape will be converted to its own DVD. Each DVD will be delivered in a customizable DVD case with a customizable label.

Price per videotape transferred to DVD $36.00   $18 each*

Additional DVD Copies are available for $20.00  $10/each
Converting DVD to Digital file on DVD is available for $20.00  $10/each
(thumb drive $15 additional)

Videotape Repair $40.00  $20/each
10% additional discount - 30 tapes or more**
20% additional discount - 50 tapes or more**
*Price is valid only on the following types of videotapes VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Digital 8, Hi-8, Mini-DV
All other tapes are priced based on type and length.
Contact us for a price quote today. 
Special may not be combined with any other offer. 
** Additional volume discounts taken off final price.

To inquire about our Videotape to DVD transfer services, please fill out the form below or contact us directly.
text - 781.523.9617     call - 781.447.4686     email - VisionsForever@gmail.com

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