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If you have ever been to a wedding or any formal event, you know that the first thing you see when you enter the reception facility is the seating card table. You have probably found your seat by going through a table which has a bunch table cards spread out alphabetically. Generally, after the first few guests find their seating cards, the table is a mess. This is the first thing guests see and it is impossible to  keep this area looking perfect and in order. We have come up with a perfect and affordable solution to eliminate the cluttered appearance of a seating card table and we have taken the work out of writing them yourself.

Your seating board will be customized in every way:
   - Personalized Monogram
   - Wedding Couple's Names and Date of Special Day
All Guests are Listed Alphabetically
Table Numbers or Names Listed
Custom Background Image
Comes Complete in Metal Silver Frame
Price Inludes Shipping (Hawaii and Alaska extra)


Seating Board Gallery
(click on an image to enlarge)

Here is how the process works:

  1. Contact Visions Forever via text, phone, or email and order your seating board
  2. 30 days prior to your event we will email you a blank seating chart that needs to be filled out with all of your guests names and table assignments
  3. 21 days prior to your event your seating chart form must be filled out completely and emailed back to Visions Forever along with the image you would like to use for the background of your Seating Board. A completed first draft is created and emailed over to you for design approval.
  4. 10-21 days prior to your event you can email or text any seating arrangement change. We will make the change and generate a new draft for your approval
  5. 10 days prior to your event we will print your Seating Board and mail it directly to your reception facility
  6. 5-7 days prior to your event we will follow up with your reception venue to verify that your Seating Board arrived in time and in perfect condition
  7. Event Day!!!! Your guests will find their table assignments in style without the fuss of finding their folded table card.
  8. After your event, your Seating Board is a keepsake that you can hang on your wall as a reminder of your amazing day and the amazing people you shared it with

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of all of the most frequently asked questions that we hear. if you have any additional questions, please feel free to text, email, or call us. We are only too happy to discuss your seating board and walk you through the process.

  • How soon before my event should I order a seating board?
    We recommend that you order your seating board at least one month prior to your event (or sooner). At this time we will email you the seating board completion form. You will also receive instructions on how to complete the form as well as information regarding the photo for your seating board. The completed form and photo are due two weeks before your event.

  • Do I need to come in to order our seating board?
    No. Most of our customers order their seating boards over the phone or through our website. If you live in the area we are more than happy to have you visit our store-front studio by appointment.

  • How much is the deposit and when is it due?
    We do not require any deposit. Payment is due in full when you place the order your seating board.

  • When is payment due?
    Payment is due in full when you place the order for your seating board.

  • What type of photo should we use?
    A photo taken by a professional photographer works the best. A high resolution digital file from your photographer or personal digital camera or phone offers the best results. If a digital photo is not available, mail or drop-off a print of the image you would like to have on the seating board. Remember, the final product is 24"x 30" and a small print (wallet size) does not enlarge as well as a larger print (8x10). Your print will be returned to you in the condition in which we receive it.

  • What type of pose works best?
    We can normally make any image work. Poses vary, but the most popular seems to be when the subject(s) are close to each other embracing. An action pose also works great (such as a dip). Have fun with the picture.

  • How do I get our guest list and table information to you?
    Thirty days prior to your event, we will email you a "Seating board completion form" in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. This form must be filled out and emailed back 21 days prior to your event. The form is formatted in such a way that it allows us to properly sort your guest list alphabetically. If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft offers a free trial via download. You may provide us with a written or emailed list and we will fill out the form for a fee.

  • When is the "seating board completion form" and "photo" due?
    The seating board completion form and photo are due 21 days prior to the date of your event.

  • Do we get to see a sample of the seating board before it gets printed?
    Yes. After we receive the completed seating board completion form and photo, we will create your seating board and email you a proof for your approval. If any further changes are needed, subsequent proofs will be emailed after each update.

  • What if we need to make changes after emailing the completion form?
    Your seating board proof needs to be approved no later than ten (10) days prior to your event. You will be able to make any necessary changes until that time. After every change a subsequent proof will be emailed over for approval. We need to start the printing process early enough to have time to print it properly and ship it to your reception location. If the seating board is not ready to go to print until after the deadline, there will be a $75 rush fee. 

  • How do we display the seating board at our reception?
    Most reception facilities have an easel for just this purpose. If not, you can purchase one at your local craft supply store. Customers tell us that they sometimes use a small table and lean the Seating Board against the wall.

  • How do we get the final product?
    Your seating board will be delivered to your reception facility via UPS. We will be in contact with your reception facility to let them know that it will be arriving and we also follow up once it has been delivered.

  • What is the print quality of the Seating Board?
    The seating board is a high quality photo print that is mounted and framed in a sturdy metal frame. Seating boards printed on canvas are pre-stretched and mounted and wrapped gallery style. Your Seating Board is printed professionally using professional grade printers, inks, and papers. Your "matte finish" seating board will be sprayed with a lustre coating to prevent discoloring and as an additional level of protection against humidity. The end product is the best quality that can be produced.

  • Can we use table names instead of table numbers?
    Yes. Many of our customers have themed table names and we are only too happy to accommodate your theme

  • How many guest names will fit on a seating board?
    Typically up to 275 names will fit on a seating board.


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